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Pour Démarrer Avec Les Publicités Facebook

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In this audit, you will see…

  • The 3 key metrics to know to generate traffic, leads and customers on-demand (forget one and you risk losing tens of thousands of euros)…
  • How to measure and structure your content marketing strategy to get high quality leads into your sales tunnels…
  • 36 questions to test your advertising system (with Facebook Ads and Google Adwords) and find any flaws…
  • The way to create a deep connection with your audience by taking advantage of the psycho-logical mechanisms of content marketing…
  • How to use the social networks’ punching power to reach new audiences

By the Stop Leads More Sales agency

We are the Stop Leads More Sales agency.

Our mission is to help ambitious companies take their sales and their profits to the next level.

Our proprietary Stop Leads method works in 3 phases:

  1. Appearing in authoritative media
  2. Developing advertisements and the social networks
  3. Optimization

Take this audit to test your lead acquisition system and develop your advertisements and social networks to constantly acquire new customers on-demand.

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Test Your Lead Acquisition System